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Energy Internet Technology R&D Center Won the Best Paper Award at IEEE SEGE2018-09-05

The Project “Development, Demonstration, and Application of Energy Routers in Autonomous Microgrids” Acceptance 2018-08-20

RIIT was awarded Advanced Units for Standardization in 20172018-06-21

Sino-Norwegian International Science and Technology Cooperation Summer School Was Organized by RIIT2018-08-20

Dynamic security code speech based unsupervised identity authentication system of RIIT acquired the international leading evaluation of scientific research achievements of China Electronic Society2018-05-25

RIIT Celebrated Tsinghua’s 107th Anniversary 2018-04-29

The Assessment of Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base of Smart City Key Technologies was Adopted2018-04-26

RIIT was adopted “Gravitational Wave International Joint Research Center-Beijing International Science and Technology Cooperation Base”2018-04-26

Cao Junwei Won Third Prize of Excellent Research Achievements in Soft Energy Science 2018-03-26

Pan Changyong won “Radio & Television Science and Technology Award”2018-03-26

Twelve Patents of RIIT were Successfully Transferred to CertusNet Inc.2018-01-12

Pan Changyong Won the ‘China Industry-University-Research Cooperative Innovation Award’2017-11-12

LIGO and Virgo make first detection of gravitational waves produced by colliding neutron stars2017-10-17

2017 Graduate Students and Instructors Luncheon Exchange Held by RIIT2017-09-15

A Major Scientific Research Project of RIIT Appraised By Chinese Institute of Electronics2017-08-26

Speech and Language Technology R&D Center gained support from national key research and development plan2017-07-07

Digital Terrestrial Transmission System and Its Covering——2017 RIIT Academic Salon 22017-06-28

LIGO Detects Gravitational Waves for Third Time2017-06-20

The Joint Secretary of Pakistan National Ministry of Culture and Information Broadcasting, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas Visited RIIT2017-05-13

RIIT Celebrated the 106 Anniversary of Tsinghua University 2017-05-06

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