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Project from RIIT Operating System Center Won Second-class Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award2016-11-08

Shangdong New Beiyang Company Visited RIIT for Technical Cooperation and Communication2016-11-08

Paper from Microprocessor and SoC (System on Chip) Technology R&D Center won Bes2015-06-30

“Key Technologies and Applications for Internationalization of DTMB Standards” w2015-06-30

Paper of Microprocessor Center PhD student Shi Wei admitted by MSST 2014 confere2015-06-30

IEEE BMSB 2014 Conference was Successfully Held in Beijing2015-06-30

2014 International Conference for Smart Health (ICSH) was Held in Tsinghua2015-06-30

RIIT set up Joint Research Center for Informatization System and Engineering 2015-06-30

US Carnegie Mellon University Prof. Alan W Black Visited RIIT 2015-06-29

Indiana Prof. Geoffrey Charles Fox Gave a talk at RIIT2015-06-25

RIIT signed Phase II Cooperation Agreement with Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. L2015-06-25

Wu Yongji Won the Best Paper Award of WISA 20142015-06-25

Microprocessor and SoC Technology R&D Center Passed Certification of Scientific 2015-06-25

Dr. Yongqiang Lyu Achieved Top-class Conference (CHI2015) Best Honorable Mention2015-06-24

The 3rd RIIT Academic Salon: 5G Technologies: from Research to Standards to Impl2015-06-24

Spotlight on Transactions by IEEE Computer Magazine2014-09-03

Prof. Jie Wang from University of Massachusetts Lowell gave a presentation at RI2014-06-11

Dr. Chris Vincent from the UCL gave a presentation in RIIT2014-05-23

Beijing Gravitational Waves Workshop2013-10-22

Prof. Zhu Han from the Huston University gave a presentation at RIIT2013-10-22

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