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RIIT Held the 2013 Alumni Academic Forum for Tsinghua Anniversary2013-09-09

RIIT Exhibition on Scientific and Technological Achivement to Celebrate the 102n2013-09-09

RIIT Organized a Series of Activities to Commemorate the 10th Anniversary2013-09-09

DTV Center Team Attended the 1st China-Cuba International Forum on Digital TV2013-09-09

RIIT Representatives Went to Jiangkou for Poverty Alleviation and Investigation2013-09-09

RIIT Held the 2012 Year-end Wrap-up Meeting2013-09-09

The 7th RIIT Academic Salon: Progress and Challenges of Service Informationizati2013-09-09

Distinguished Tsinghua Alumnus Liwei Ren Gave an Academic Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Young Faculty Yinhao Won Outstanding Youth Science Fund Project2013-09-09

FIT Faculty Members Attended Sino-US IOT Workshop2013-09-09

Dr. Zhu Han from University of Houston Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Special Committee of Chinese Speech Information Held Meeting at RIIT2013-09-09

Two RIIT Projects Won "Landing Beijing" Outstanding Project Award2013-09-09

RIIT 2012 Graduate Student Forum Held2013-09-09

RIIT Faculty Made Contributions to Spacecraft Shenzhou 9 Landing2013-09-09

RTCT Center Convened Anniversary Review Meeting2013-09-09

Hao Yin Attended the Opening Ceremony of Nanjing Network Innovation Centre2013-09-09

Dr. Bo Hong from Georgia Institute of Technology Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Professor Lang Tong from Cornell University Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

Dr. Shiwen Mao from Auburn University Gave a Talk at RIIT2013-09-09

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