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2017 Graduate Students and Instructors Luncheon Exchange Held by RIIT2017-09-15

Digital Terrestrial Transmission System and Its Covering——2017 RIIT Academic Salon 22017-06-28

RIIT Held 2017 Graduates Research Award and Academic Salon2017-05-06

2016 graduate students and instructors luncheon exchange held by RIIT2016-11-14

RIIT Faculty Won the Honor of “The 2016 Most Authoritative Energy Internet Researcher”2016-11-09

Interpretation for Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves——the 1st 2016 RIIT Academic Salon2016-11-08

PhD Student Niu Yingjun from RIIT Rail Transit Control Technology R&D Center Won the 2016 Beijing Municipal Outstanding Graduate Award2016-11-08

Paper of Microprocessor Center PhD student Shi Wei admitted by MSST 2014 confere2015-06-30

The 1st 2013 RIIT Academic Salon: A Hybrid Processor Architecture for Future Emb2013-09-09

RIIT Held the 2013 Alumni Academic Forum for Tsinghua Anniversary2013-09-09

The 7th RIIT Academic Salon: Progress and Challenges of Service Informationizati2013-09-09

The 6th RIIT Academic Salon:The Latest Development and Challenges in WLAN2013-01-07

The 4th RIIT Academic Salon:From Communication Network to Information Network2013-01-04

The 5th RIIT Academic Salon:Energy Internet2013-01-04

The 2nd RIIT Academic Salon: Information Technology - Innovation from Interdisci2012-05-09

The 1st 2012 Academic Salon: Forefront of Silicon Valley Cloud Computing PaaS2012-03-26

RIIT Holds a Welcome Meeting for 2011 New Graduate Students2012-03-26

The 8thRIIT Academic Salon: Digital Health and Its Applications2012-01-10

The 7thRIIT Academic Salon: OS for IoT and Cloud Computing2012-01-09

The 5th RIIT Academic Salon: Power Line Communication (PLC) Technology and Appli2011-11-28

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