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RIIT’s 8 patents successfully transferred to CertusNet Inc.

After the evaluation and review of Tsinghua University, the 8 patents in network security and cloud storage technology have been successfully transferred to CertusNet Inc.(referred to as CertusNet) recently. The transformation of intellectual property rights includes some achievements in scientific research projects “The Technology and System of Integrated Network Data Depth Security Detection and Analysis”, “Research on Optimization Theory and Algorithm of Cyber platform Resources under Dynamic Time Varying Constrains”, and “Research on the Supervision Technology of Internet Audio and Video Program” accomplished by Li Jun, Wang Dongsheng, Cao Junwei, Xue Yibo and Zhao Li from Microprocessor and Chip System Technology Research Center and  Engergy Internet Technology Research Center.

As one of the patent participants, Xue Yibo said, “Supported by National Project 973, Project 863, Project 242 and Technology-supported Project, Microprocessor and Chip System Technology Research Center centered on the behavior control of the net layer, the protocol monitoring of application layer and calculation of the load balance of intensive tasks, distributed computing and other core issues, conducted profound research, broke through a number of key technologies, and finally formed independent intellectual property rights. The transfer of intellectual property rights provided technical means and assurance of flexible network and could services for users.”

The relevant person in charge from CertusNet said, the purchase of Tsinghua patented technology would greatly enhance the company’s competitiveness in the cloud computing and NFV product line. Combined with our proprietary patented technology, the company would make products and core technology maintain the leading domestic and international level and expected the products with the use of patent to occupy more than 30% of Telecom operator market share and become the leading brand in industry.

CertusNet, founded in 2007, is a national high-tech enterprise, a double-software enterprise and a technological innovation leading enterprise. RIIT and CertusNet have had many years of industry, academy and research cooperation, jointly undertaken a number of R & D projects, and jointly established research center of flexible network in 2014.