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One Patent of Our Institute Transferred to SCER Successfully

Recently, one invention patent in the area of energy internet from our institute has been successfully transferred to SCER after evaluation review by the university. This intellectual property right originates from the achievements of scientific research projects named as ‘Resource Optimization Theory and Algorithm Research of Cyberinfrastructure under Dynamic Time-varying System’, which was completed by Prof. Junwei Cao, a teacher from Energy Internet Technology R&D Center.

Prof. Cao claimed that due to the support by multiple projects from National Fund Committee, National 973 Basic Research Program, 863 Program, Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission, etc., researchers from the Energy Internet Technology R&D Center have carried out a series of deep research towards core technology challenges, e.g., energy router, energy big data, etc., and have gained a number of independent intellectual property rights. The transfer of this intellectual property right provides key technologies of optimal scheduling for the platform of energy big data.’

SCER was founded at the beginning of 2015. Based on Tsinghua university with technology innovations and supported by core technology of energy internet, its main business includes the technical service and production development of energy internet, and it is a legal entity registered in accordance with the company law. The company is located in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. SCER is recognized as a new technology R&D organization that integrates energy internet technical innovation, industry incubation, project demonstration, capital aggregation, etc.