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RIIT Celebrated the 106 Anniversary of Tsinghua University

On April 27th-30th 2017, RIIT held the exhibition of achievements in science and technology at the west hall of information building and the demonstration of scientific research outcomes on the open day of laboratories to celebrate the 106 anniversary of Tsinghua University.


In the “RIIT Exhibition of Achievements in Science and Technology”, the basic information of RIIT, major scientific research achievements and direction, and the existing research layout were introduced with pictures and illustrations. RIIT’s project “Key Technology Application of DTMB System Internationalization and Industrialization” which was awarded First Prize of 2016 National Technology Progress Award and 2016 International Basic Physics Breakthrough Award “Direct Detection of Gravitational Waves” were displayed emphatically.

In the scientific research demonstration and laboratory-opened activities, seven laboratories were open to receive alumni and alumnae and more than 200 people from the public. Among all the scientific research achievements, the speech dialogue robot show which was displayed by Speech and Language Technology R&D Center, the community-based care and home care system which was displayed by Web and Software Technology R&D Center, and a new generation of mobile communication 5G network and key technology which was displayed by Wireless and Mobile Communication Technology R&D Center gained much attention.