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The Joint Secretary of Pakistan National Ministry of Culture and Information Broadcasting, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas Visited RIIT

On May 13th, Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas, the Joint Secretary of Pakistan National Ministry of Culture and Information Broadcasting who came to participate in “The Belt and Road Summit”, visited Digital Television Technology R&D Center of RIIT. Prof. Yang Zhihang, the chief scientist and Prof. Song Jian, the director of our center received the guests. They had in-depth exchanges of the oncoming digital television project in Pakistan with the assistance of the Ministry of Commerce of China. In addition, issues of the technology transfer, local standardization, joint technology research and development, testing R&D center and personnel training were discussed as well.

Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas expressed the hope that Tsinghua University could have deep collaboration with Pakistan’s R&D and academic institutions on the demonstration area project and the construction of national coverage network in Pakistan, and helped cultivate a group of technicians who could carry out applied research independently. At the same time, he hoped that Pakistan would participate in the new standard research development undertaken by Tsinghua University. Prof. Song Jian congratulated on the project in Pakistan, and promised that Tsinghua University would provide supports on technology, talents and standards needed by Pakistan and wished to cooperate with each other on the research and application of new technologies in the world.


Mr. Zahoor Ahmad Barlas(the third on the left)

Professor Yang Zhihang(the third on the right)

Professor Song Jiang(the second on the left)