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Digital Television Center Project Won the Third Prize in Beijing Science and Technolgy Award

On April 26th, 2017, the project “Key Technologies, Industrialization and Application for the Networking and Optimization of the Single Frequency Network in Digital Television Terrestrial Broadcasting”won the third prize in Beijing Science and Technology Award. The first author was Yang Fang and Tsinghua University was the second completion unit.

The project was jointly accomplished by Tsinghua University and Academy of Radio Science of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television. It has made a major breakthgough and innovation in chanel estimation with long delay for single frequency network, multi signal superposition evaluation, multi freedom optimization network and other fields ; and has helped develop three international and industry standards, the industrialization of single frequency network equipment, and has completed mass production of single frequency network actuators and transmitters. The related outcomes have been applied in the Central Radio and  Television digital wireless coverage project, and the construction of single frequency network in digital television terrestrial broadcasting in Beijing, Inner Mongolia and other cities, provinces and autonomous regions. Meanwhile, considerable economic impacts and significant social benefits have been made in Cuba, Hong Kong and overseas DTMB single frequency network constructions and experiments.