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2018 Graduate Students and Instructors Luncheon Exchange Held by RIIT

On Sep. 20th , 2018 graduate students and post-doctors luncheon exchange was held in the information building central courtyard by RIIT. Nearly 50 teachers and students from different centers attended the exchange which was hosted by Pan Changyong, assistant director and chief assistant teaching supervisor.


Cao Junwei, vice director of research in RIIT, warmly welcomed all the students and post-doctors on behalf of the whole faculty and staff of RIIT. He introduced the general situations of scientific research and the excellent academic atmosphere of RIIT and encouraged students to be more creative and innovative, to take advantage of interdisciplinary and excellent research teams, and to conduct academic and scientific research. Li Yifan, the representative of Ph. D and Wu Jiacheng, the representative of postgraduates made a speech respectively on behalf of new students.



Li Yifan reviewed his experience of internship in the laboratory for more than one year. He felt the pressure of scientific research after entering the Ph.D. stage and hoped that he would overcome difficulties and broaden his vision and make great achievements in the future. Wu Jiacheng, with a lively and cheerful personality, said, “It is a great honor to join the big family. I also hope to achieve success in my future life and study here, and contribute to the development of RIIT. Meanwhile, I wish students of RIIT can exchange and cooperate with each other in different fields to form new interdisciplinary research directions.”

In the end, all teachers and students took photos together, indicating academic journey of learning and research in RIIT started.