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Postgraduates’ Papers were Accepted by ICDE2019

On Dec. 20th, 2018, postgraduate Yang Junye’s paper A Hierarchical Framework for Top-k Location-aware Error-tolerant Keyword Search, directed by Zhang Yong, from Web and Software Technology R&D Center, was accepted in full length by ICDE2019. Another postgraduate Wu Jiacheng’s paper A Scalable Framework for Metric Similarity Join using MapReduce was also accepted in short length. ICDE(The annual IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering)focuses on the design, construction, management and evaluation of Data-intensive system and is one of the top conferences (VLDB、SIGMOD、ICDE) in data management.

With the growing popularity of mobile devices, location- aware services have been widely deployed and well accepted, which results in the fusion of spatial-textual data. Yang Junye’s paper proposed a hierarchical framework to support the top-k location-aware error-tolerant similarity search to deal with the typos and different spelling variants in both UGD(User Generated Data) and user’s typing queries. Wu Jiacheng’s paper designed a scalable framework based on Spark which can support metric similarity join. The thesis work of the two students is based on the related achievements of HUABASE and is further developed in the technical frontier.