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2016 graduate students and instructors luncheon exchange held by RIIT

On Sep. 8th , with the approach of Teachers’ Day, 2016 graduate students and postdoctors luncheon exchange was held in the information building central courtyard by RIIT. There were nearly 50 teachers and students from different centers attended the exchange which was hosted by Pan Changyong, assistant director and chief assistant teaching supervisor.


With brisk music, teachers and students stepped into the courtyard. Xing Chunxiao, the vice director of RIIT, welcomed all new graduate students and postdoctors to join the big family on behalf all faculty and staff in RIIT. Xing Chunxiao said, talent training was the basic task, RIIT would classify teachers according to their discipline in corresponding institute, put the essence of technology innovation and engineering practice into teaching, and serve students through scientific research activities. Students’ learning and practice in RIIT can help them to understand what are the more valuable technology and choice, to improve their comprehensive skills and qualities in scientific research.

Cao Junwei, vice director of research in RIIT, introduced the recent awards received by RIIT and hoped that the students could take advantage of good scientific research environment of RIIT to carry out scientific research work and make achievements.

Wang Haixia, Zhang Xiujun, Yang Fang, Li Chao, Zhou Qiang, Dong Wei, Lv Yongqiang represented their research center welcomed all newly-joined members of RIIT on behalf of teachers. They also introduced the main features of the organization platform for cross scientific research projects.

Cheng Xingliang, the representative of Ph. D and Chen Zhangmei, the representative of postgraduates make a speech respectively on behalf of new students.Cheng Xingliang said, he hoped to make good use of the scientific research environment and rich scientific resources of RIIT, to fulfill his ambition and achieve the value of life, thus make his own contribution to the development and progress of the society. Chen Zhangmei said, “I can feel the warm care and concern from RIIT in both new students’ meeting and this luncheon exchange. With the solid backing of RIIT, I believe we will make breakthroughs in scientific research and everything will go smoothly in our life.”

Participating teachers and students took photos together and the journey of learning and research in RIIT started.