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“Data System Framework” Seminar held by RIIT

On Dec. 23rd, “Data System Framework” Semonior, jointly sponsored by RIIT, the Institute of Data Science and Tsinghua University Big Data Industry Association, was held in the multi-function hall of FIT in Tsinghua University. Yang Guangxin, the general manager of Jing Dong Data Cloud Research, was invited to share his opinion on the innovation and application of data system framework.

Yang Guangxin summarized the transformation from four aspects of data model, system realization, OLAP/OLTP and interactive mode. He also analyzed the insufficient application of NoSQL system in distributed mode and big data environment and summarized the relevant research in academic and industrial fields, then he briefly introduced the innovative work of Jing Dong cloud platform.

Yang Guangxin got his Bachelor, Master and Doctor Degree in Computer Science Department in Tsinghua University and was in charge of research and management of big data and distributed mode fields in enterprises such as Bell-Labs Research、SAP Research、Pivotal、Yahoo and Jing Dong.