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Digital TV Center was Awarded First Prize of National Technology Progress

On January 9, 2017 the 2016 Annual National Science and Technology Awards was held in the Great Hall of the People. The project “Key Techniques and Applications for Internationalization and Industrialization of DTMB System”, led by Prof. Yang Zhixing and accomplished by Digital TV Center of RIIT, was awarded the first prize of National Technology Progress.


In April, 2003 Prof. Gong Ke, the first president of RIIT established the Research Center of Digital TV Technology with Prof. Yang Zhixing as the chief scientist. Teachers from Department of Electronic Engineering, together with talents at home and abroad, formed the Digital TV Center team and started a team science and technology research.

In recent decades, Digital TV Center team has solved a number of key technology issues. Through theoretical innovation, technical breakthrough, standards development, industrialization and industrial chain construction, the promotion and application at home and abroad, the DTMB standard and the internationalization of its industry was realized. Now, the DTMB system has been accepted as the fourth terrestrial digital television broadcasting transmission standard by ITU except the US, Europe and Japan, and has taken the lead in most of the technical indicators. The DTMB system has been applied in 13 countries, covering nearly 2 billion population in the world, and has achieved related products sales of 67.4 billion in recent three years.